Healthy Holiday Survival Tips

Holiday Survival Tips – Making healthy choices during the holidays can be challenging! Let's face it, this is not the time to kick off a new radical eating program -after all what would we do in January:-) But somewhere between not partaking in holiday festivities and completely throwing caution to the wind is the holy grail of balance. Here are some super simple tips to consider incorparating into your holiday celebrations.

  • Minimize the temptation of traditional holiday foods at parties by eating a healthy, well-balanced snack before going to your next party. An apple w/2 Tbsp. nut butter can take the edge off hunger and the balance of fiber, protein and healthy fat will keep your energy up so you can keep the dance floor going all night long.

  • Food is a big part of the holidays and links us to our traditions. Don’t deprive yourself during the holidays. Rather than skipping the food all together, which leads to binging and over eating later, when arriving at a party look at all the different choices and develop your stratgey based on what you see. One option is to pick your favorite 2 items and take time to really enjoy them. If it all looks amazing and it's the variety that you're after serve yourself literally a taste or spoonful of many.

  • Be creative - bring your own festive healthy option to the party like this one - In addition to all of the cookies and rich foods, the internet is full of fun, healthy, festive ideas for holiday foods.

  • Focus on conversation, music and fun and position yourself away from the food table. It’s easy to mindlessly grab extras when food is within arm and eye range.

  • With or without alcohol, holiday drinks are full of calories and sugar –try limit to yourself to 1 per event. Sparkling water with festive fruit garnish makes a healthy alternative and helps you stay refreshed and hydrated.

  • A 15-minute walk after a meal can significantly reduce blood sugar spikes. Walk to neighborhood gatherings or share the joy of the season with Fido by taking him for an extra walk when you get home. Who couldn't use a few moments of peace and quiet to wind down at the end of a hectic day.

  • If one party gets away from you don't panic or beat yourself up - the holidays are too be celebrated! Look to work in some of these tips at the next party.

Yes there's always tomorrow - but there's also today! Happy, heart warming, healthy, holidays!

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